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Measures for Postgraduate Degree Examinations (from May 17 to Oct. 29)

In response to continuous levelling in the epidemic severity, the following measures will be taken for postgraduate degree examinations from May 17 to Oct. 29:


  • Degree examination: If the oral examination members and students still have concerns about the safety of the epidemic, they can choose to take the online oral examination. When conducting online oral examination or physical oral examination, please abide by the restrictions on the number of people in the room announced by the CECC.



  • Dissertation Oral Defense Form: For those who take the video/online oral defense, oral defense committee members sign their own form, one form per member. If there is 5 members in the committee, you should have 5 forms; for those who take the physical oral defense, it can also be handled in the same way. Sign and send it to your department office (pdf, jpg, or hard copy accepted), Division of Registration only accept the forms email by Department secretary/coordinator. Students should add the photocopy of all Dissertation Oral Defense Forms to the dissertation in order to comply with the regulations.



  • Oral Defense Grade: Committee members should send the grade form (pdf, jpg, or hard copy accepted) to department office. After gathering all grades from committee members, department secretary/coordinator should email to division of Registration as a pdf file.



  • Dissertation/Thesis: Students please send a copy to the division of registration, library, and department office (if required), or you could deliver it in person.



  • Application form for Ph.D Candidate & oral defense comittee roster:   If the signature is unable to obtain an autograph due to the epidemic, it can be replaced by an email approved by the person;  department office/secretary please scan the document into a PDF file, email it to  Division of Registration.



The method of collecting degree certificates please refer to the Announcement of "Important information about graduation and leaving school in the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year".

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