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Online Suspension/Withdrawal Application Procedure

Online Suspension/Withdrawal Application Procedure[5.16 update]

In response to the severe epidemic situation, students who need to apply for suspension(leave of absence)/ withdrawal are allowed to apply online. Please download the application form from the website of Division of Registration and finish all the following steps:



Responsible person/unit


Fill out personal data and period on your form.



Get custodians to agree and sign. (Applicants reaching their majority are exempted.)

(If there is difficulty to get your custodian’ signature on your paper form, you can attach your custodian’s statement or email of agreement instead with your application form. Please save it as a clear pdf or jpg file.)



Get your tutor/adviser to agree and sign. (You can attach corresponding agreement emails to prove it instead. Please save it as a clear pdf or jpg file.)



Email your application form with relative agreement proofs to the staff member of your department/institute.



The staff member shall forward the application documents to the Dean (chairperson) to review and stamp the application or the Dean (chairperson) can empower the staff member to implement these matters.

The staff member and the Dean (chairperson )of the department/institute


The staff member shall collect the application form with all above proofs, and then email them to the staff member of Division of Registration.

The staff member of the department/institute


After the application being approved, the Division of Registration will notice, the applicant and the other relative offices by emails.

Division of Registration

Please download the application form here:


After the application being approved, the Division of Registration will notice the other relative offices by emails. Those relative offices are Student Assistance Division, Library, Division of Cashier, Office of Global Affairs, Center for Continuing Education, Division of General Academic Affairs, Division of General Student Affairs, Center for Teacher Education.

* If applicants have borrowed books, equipment, devices, etc., they should return them before leaving school. Please check the leaving-school notices of individual offices and inquire them actively by phone.

The contact information: http://tel.net.nthu.edu.tw/nthusearch/

Leaving-school reminders:

1. Library: Students should check library service system or inquire by phone (ext. 42997) or email (cir@my.nthu.edu.tw) to make sure if you have returned all books, periodicals, etc. Or not.

2. Chinese mainland students: Please consult with Division of General Student Affairs to deal with your changing entry permit to avoid any violation.

If applicants don’t receive confirmed emails of the results after7 working days from the day of their sending out applications, they can inquire their department/institute or Division of Registration by phone actively.   

Contact information of Division of Registration: http://registra.site.nthu.edu.tw/p/412-1211-1813.php?Lang=zh-tw


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