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Student ID Card Renewal Guide

reissue student ID card  How to Apply for Student ID Card Renewal

1. Apply for replacement / renewal -> 2. Pay for your new student ID card -> 3. Collect your ID card



  • Apply for replacement / renewal from Academic Information Systems

AIS login

  1. Login Academic Information Systems 
  2. Choose "Other Services in Campus"
  3. Choose "ID card loss/Reissue Application Systems"


Card Report System


4. Click "Profile" to check your personal Information and Photo

Personal info


5. Click "Report Card" -> "Report the loss" to fill the application

report step 1

report step2

  • Follow the instruction and fill the information. 

  • If you don't have money in the student ID card,
    "refund bank remittance financial code" please fill in: 0000000   (7 digit)
    "refund bank account" please fill in: 00000000000000   (14 digit)

  • If you choose report the loss "immediately", the application will send to the Electronic ticket Corp. immediately and CANNOT CANCEL the applicaiton once submitted.



  • Pay for your new student ID card at the automatic transcript printing system (machine)


  • you could find the machine at the Administrative Building in both Main campus and Nanda campus

    • Main campus:  1F, atrium (indoor) &  next to Division of Correspondence and Documentation office (outdoor, open 24 hours) 
    • Nanda campus: 1F, next to the elevator on the right side



step1 Login


step2  step2


step3 step3



step4 Option


  • complete payment $200 & print the receipt


  • Collect your card

    • If you pay at Main campus, Next Working Day, you could collect ID card at Campus Security Office (next to ladies'  dorm) in the afternoon.

way to campus security


  • If you pay at Nanda campus, please collect at Nanda campus Registration Office after receiving our notice.


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