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Notification of Entering and Grade Submission of the 2nd semester in Academic Year 2022

Notification of Entering and Grade Submission of the 2nd semester in Academic Year 2022

Please note the announcement regarding grade submission mentioned below.

1. Grade Submission

(1) Grade Submission Date

According to NTHU Academic Calendar, the grade submission dates are as follows:  
The deadline of grade submission for those seniors who will graduate this semester: June 19th, 2023.

The deadline of grade submission for those students who will not graduate this semester: June 30th,2023.

(2) Grade submission should be no later than June 30th.

(3) The system for entering grades will be available at 8:00 a.m., June 12th. Please finish grading and submit them to Division of Registration.

(4) Diploma can be collected from the last day of the final exam afternoon. ( June 16th, 2023)

(5) The deadline of grade submission for summer session courses: September 11th, 2023.

2. Applying for Grading Extension

If you can’t submit grades by June 30th, please fill out the application form for grade extension before June 12th The application form shall be approved by the chief of the department and the dean. The deadline would be postponed to Sep. 11th. (Before the new semester starts) Please refer to the instruction of the steps about applying for grading extension.

3. Regulations about the Delay of Grade Submission

In accordance with the Regulations 23 of National Tsing Hua University Academic Regulations, the teacher who submits the grading reports beyond the required deadline will be referred to the department of academic affairs’ meeting.

4. Students’ Grade Announcement

Student questionnaire will be available from June 11th. To avoid affecting students’ filling the questionnaire, the grades will not be released until June 12th.

5. Regulations of Grades Rectification

Grade report could not be revised once been submitted to Division of Registration. Teachers may apply to revise the grades in accordance with the NTHU Academic Regulations 24:

Provide written request specifying the reasons for the revision and presents the application to the chairperson of the department (graduate institute, degree program, center), and shall be subject to the approval by 3/4 of the faculties who attend the meeting of the department (graduate institute, degree program, office, center). The rectified grades should be sent to the Division of Registration in written form (before September 15th) if the rectification is approved.

The application form could be downloaded at the Division of Registration webpage.


6. Instructions for Entering Grades via Internet

Please refer to the PDF attached “Instructions: Entering Grades” for further details.

Step 1: Enter the website of Academic Information Systems.

Step 2: Log in with your account number and password.

Step 3: Click on “Curriculum & Grades”, and then choose “Grades Enter.”→ Read through the notes and then click “yes”確定.

Step 4: Select course & evaluation method.

(1) First, please fill out the willingness survey. If you haven’t clicked any choice, you won’t able to go to the next step to send out the grades. Your choices are allowed to be changed or revised repeatedly before the new semester starts.

(2) Second, select courses and evaluation methods.

(3) Third, enter grades and send them out.

Step 5: Select method for entering grades: there are two methods—「Enter Grades Online」 and「Upload Grades」
You can only use the same method to grade all the students in the same class. If the instructor chooses “percentage grade” method, after saving the grades, the system will automatically transform those into the “letter grade” (see Table 1 for the correspondence between percentage grade and letter grade.)

Percentage Grade: Scores 100 ~ 0; passing grade: 70 points for graduate students, 60 points for undergraduates.

Letter Grade: Grade A+ ~ X; passing grade: B- for graduate students, C- for undergraduates.

Table 1. The correspondence between percentage grade and letter grade

Table 2. The definition of Letter Grade


Step 6: After you submit grades to the Division of Registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Students will be able to see their grades on the Academic Information Systems simultaneously.

3. Authorizing an agent to enter grades

Instructors can authorize an assistant to enter grades. To do so, you need to provide the authorized account number and password to your agent to login the Academic Information Systems. 

Website address: https://www.ccxp.nthu.edu.tw/ccxp/INQUIRE/

4.If you have any questions regarding entering grades, please contact the Division of Registration.

(Extension: 31390, 31388, 31389, 31391, 31397, 31012, 33205,72301, 72302)

 Notification of Entering and Grade Submission (Chinese Version)

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