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Important information about graduation and leaving school in the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year

Important information about graduation and leaving school in the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year

    In response to the elevated domestic COVID-19 pandemic, in order to reduce the risks caused by human-to-human contact, it is recommended that students have met all the requirements for obtaining a degree, go through the school-leaving procedures on the NTHU Academic Information System without coming to school in person. At first, please finish all school-leaving procedures (including returning your borrowed books, uploading and submitting your thesis/dissertation to National Central Library, returning devices, equipment, graduation gown and consulting military service, changing foreign students’ entry permits, halting insurance, etc.. Please check the school-leaving notices on the websites of relative offices in advance.) After all green lights are displayed in the school-leaving process on the Academic Information System, you will have two options of obtaining the degree certificate. Please tick one at step 4 : (1) Collecting it at the Division of Registration yourself or asking a friend/relative to collect it for you in the future, or (2) Being mailed to your specified address.

     If you choose option #2, domestic students please prepare a self-addressed stamped envelope, which is a thick kraft paper bag one (size: 290×385mm. The degree certificate, bag and the folder weigh about 370 grams. Please send us a high-quality envelope to avoid any possible damage caused during mailing. A kraft bubble bag one will be better.) and write the recipient's name, address, and postal code on the cover, and paste the postage of 92 dollars, then put it in another envelope and send them to Division of Registration by post. For overseas students, please follow the practice of domestic students, but calculate the postage by yourself. If the postage is insufficient, the student will be notified to make up for it before our sending it out. On the contrary, the overpaid fee will be donated to school and not refundable. If you prefer to use the international express, please arrange it and pay the postage by yourself. The address of the Division of Registration is No. 101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu 30013, TAIWAN. Note that the degree certificate sent domestically or internationally may be damaged during shipment. If you are concerning this potential damage, please collect it in person at a later date.

    In addition, students have a new option of applying for a digital degree certificate starting from June 28th. If you would like to obtain the digital degree certificate, please follow the information on the step 3 in the school-leaving procedure on the Academic Information System. It is free of charge. In any case, you still need to choose one way to collect your paper degree certificate.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the student ID card is not required to return. However, after graduation, all benefits of the student status will be suspended. If improper use of student ID card causes disputes in the future, the students are responsible for related legal responsibilities.


  1. Students should make sure that all grades have been sent to Division of Registration.
  2. Graduate students should make sure that the grades of degree examination, Examination Committee Member Verification Form and students’ theses/dissertations have been sent to Division of Registration. The flexible measures for video (online) degree examination have been announced on the website of Division of Registration.

Upon completion of the graduation procedure, the Division of Registration will send a confirmation letter to the graduate by email. If the graduate does not receive the confirmation letter within 7 working days after completing the procedure, please contact the staff of the Division of Registration actively. The contact information:


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